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A flourishing writer at The Ridge Junior School is able to write fluently with interesting detail on a range of topics across the curriculum. Using a vivid imagination, they engage the reader in their writing. Writers have a highly developed vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques. Their writing is well organised and includes a variety of sentence structures. A writer at The Ridge has excellent transcription skills, ensuring that their writing is well presented and punctuated, neat and spelled correctly. They have a love of writing and appreciate its educational, cultural and entertainment values.

  • Children have a daily English Writing lesson which focuses on:
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Genre Features and Writing Composition

 Writing is linked to a core fiction or non-fiction text which provides the context and model for writing. These are linked to the National Curriculum

  • Children follow a teaching cycle which builds towards a final extended piece of writing which demonstrates the skills they have learnt. During the cycle, children will write shorter pieces of composition over a range of writing genres.
  •  Children are taught to meet AREs for each year group which define the writing skills they should master each year. Each year group has a list of ‘non-negotiables’ which is expected in all appropriate pieces of composition.
  • Children are given regular opportunities to edit and redraft their writing.
  •  Children are explicitly taught vocabulary in both reading and writing lessons, as well as across the curriculum. Each year group teaches a list of transferable Tier 2 vocabulary. Subject specific Tier 3 vocabulary is also taught.
  • All children have at least one spelling lesson a week. We use the Sound Discovery Programme for the teaching of phonics which is a DFE accredited programme designed to support the teaching of spelling and reading. Some children have more lessons if needed.

Whole School Writing Overview

Year 3 English Curriculum 2022 Year 4 English curriculum 2022

Year 5 English Curriculum 2022  Year 6 English Curriculum 2022


A flourishing reader at The Ridge Junior School has excellent phonic knowledge and skills and is able to read fluently and accurately across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum. They have knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary and demonstrate excellent comprehension of texts they read. A reader at The Ridge is motivated to read for both study and for pleasure and has an extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts.

  •   Reading is an essential skill and is taught and practised daily at The Ridge. This is through a weekly whole class reading lesson, phonics lessons, small group and 1:1 practice and across other subject areas. Whole class sessions develop the use of a range of inference skills for children to develop their understanding of a range of different texts.
  • Children are given daily opportunities for 20 minutes of independent reading. The school uses a progressive book-banded reading scheme which the children progress through. They are regularly assessed and expected to attain 95% fluency before moving on to the next stage.
  • Adults model intonation, expression and a love of reading by sharing a class story for 10 minutes every day on a 2 week cycle. Week 1 sessions include a 1 minutes ‘read aloud think aloud’. Week 2 of the cycle uses choral repetition where the text is displayed and the children repeat it back a sentence at a time after the teacher, using the intonation, expression and enthusiasm demonstrated.

We follow the Oxford Reading Tree Levelled Scheme . For more information about bands please use the link below 

Oxford Reading Tree Bands and Levels

 We also use the Sound Discovery Programme for the teaching of phonics and all teaching and support staff have had recent training on this. This is a DFE accredited programme for the teaching of phonics to support reading as well as spelling and to provide interventions where needed.


 A flourishing communicator at The Ridge Junior School demonstrates an exceptional talent for listening attentively in order to understand what is being said. They have a rich and varied vocabulary, adding clarity and interest to their conversations, and an excellent grasp of the rules used in English conversation, such as tenses and the grammatical structure of sentences. A communicator at The Ridge speaks clearly and can be understood by a range of audiences. They have a highly developed ability to tell stories that capture the interest and imagination of their audience. When communicating, they show respect for others even when views differ and show a delight in initiating and joining in conversations.







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