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 Non screen time ideas

Google classroom is where your child's teacher will share specific learning tasks for your child for homework. It is lovely to see the children responding to each other's work and comments. Not all of the best learning needs to happen online and there are so many worthwhile activities that you could do without using screens or the internet. Here we have put together some ideas of non screen activities that could be completed by children in all year groups. 


Times tables  Number  Measure, Geometry and Statistics
  • Play a game of fingers with somebody in your house 
  • Times table shootout. You could play this against a sibling or even a parent. One person reads the question, who will be the first to answer?
  • Use playing cards, pick 2 of the numbered ones and multiply them together. 
  • Use a dice to generate numbers. Can you add these together, subtract one from the other, multiply them, divide one by the other?  
  • Use playing cards pick 3  of the number cards and create a 2-digit and 1-digit number and multiply them together using grid multiplication. 
  • Follow a recipe to measure and make something to eat for your family. 
  • Collect together a selection of leaves or sticks and measure them accurately using a ruler. Order them smallest to largest.


Reading Writing Spelling
  • Reading aloud 
  • Predict what's going to happen in the next chapter. Were you correct? 
  • Complete a book review or recommendation for a friend. 


  • Write your own mini saga (story with exactly 100 words). It needs to have a beginning, middle and end and still make sense. 
  • A-Z story challenge. Write a story of 26 words. Each word needs to start with the next letter of the alphabet. Good luck!

Non Fiction

  • Write a biography about somebody in your family. 
  • Write a letter to somebody that you cannot see at the moment. Maybe you could even post it. 
  • Write a diary 
  • Information text 
  • Write instructions for a game you have made up. 
  • Read, write, cover, check 
  • Time yourself 1 minute, how many times can you write your spelling correctly. 

Creative Project ideas

  • Create a dance, song, rap, radio advert or news report 
  • Drawing a landscape/city-scape 

  • Make a miniature garden

  • Take a photo of an object, landscape, building etc, sketch it then paint it using different mediums

  • Pointillist painting using felt tips or cotton buds and paint

  • Banksy style stencilling 

  • Make a portrait of yourself in the style of Picasso 

  • Make a running person animation 

  • Optical illusions in Art 

  • Perspective in drawing & painting 

  • Create structures using Lego 

  • Create your own TV show using toys, puppets etc 

  • Making/creating boxes from nets 

  • Write a play script & perform 

  • Draw a cartoon – make a comic 

  • Make a bug house/ bird feeder 

  • Sketching animals 

  • Sewing a design, mobile phone case, make a cushion 

  • Make a piece of art out of natural objects 

  • Potato printing, leaf printing 

  • Make a shelter in the garden 

  • Build a bridge out of diff resources 

  • Design a treasure hunt for somebody else to complete - write them clues
  • Listen to BBC's Ten Pieces of music.  You could grab some colouring pencils / pens/ even paints and aim to fill a page with ‘what you hear/ what the music makes you think about’ in order to create some creative response artwork. Here are some links to MP3s of some of the pieces ReichOrffCopland and Adams
  • Design and make a healthy meal making sure you use the right proportions of the different food groups
  • Make a rocket mouse and explore with different sized plastic bottles. Consider which mouse went the furthest and explain how it went further. Template
  • Try planting a seed and look after it so that it grows into a strong plant. Measure and record what has changed every couple of days. 

  • It is important to keep fit and healthy whilst at home. It has been recommended to exercise for at least 1 hour a day. This could be running around the garden, skipping, going for a run or a bike ride or doing a home workout.  Check the website link page for useful resources and ideas. 

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