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SEND Home Learning - Covid 19

We know that the coming weeks may be even more unsettling for children with SEND. Hopefully you will be able to reassure your child and give them a sense of routine and structure, where needed and where possible. 

The world of SEND is hugely varied and children all have different strengths and challenges. Below are some ideas and a range of resources that you may find useful when supporting and working with your child. 

Child Health Professionals in Cardiff & Vale UHB have put together a clear document about supporting children with learning difficulties and ASD through this period of Covid 19. They have some advice for parents and practical activities to do at home. Supporting Children with LD & ASD with COVID Isolation.pdf

Help with Self-Regulation: Create a space, no matter how space in your home where your child can go for some quiet time. Take 5, breathe through feelings of overwhelm and frustration. Have a look at 

Regulation resources: Beacon house are creating videos for all ages to help soothe, regulate, stimulate and connect Go noodle also have numerous videos and activities to go with them that could be used for regulation. I particularly like 'melting'

Co regulation: Co regulation is essential in calming the nervous system and increasing your child's sense of importance and belonging. Connect with others through apps eg; Facetime, Skype, Zoom. Write a letter or note to a friend, family member or neighbour. 

Visual timetables: Many children, especially with SEND, like to know what they can expect to be doing that day. Try to spend time with your child to plan our your day or your week. Try to encourage familiar routines that will help your child/children to feel safe and calm. This american website (Illinois Autism Partnership) has a fantastic printable resource that you could use to make your own visual timetable at home. Visual timetable pictures and words for SEN children 

Social Stories: Social stories can be incredibly useful for helping SEN children understand a difficult concept or time. They are writing using simple statements and should be read with the child as often as possible (daily if possible). The repetitive nature can be very effective with children with ASD. Have a look at this social story names 'My school is closed today'. It is an editable word document so you can make it personal to your child and their life. This link is also a clear but detailed overview about Pandemics and the Coronavirus

Bedtime Stories: We can use this opportunity to slow down where we can and enjoy books together. Bedtime stories are a great routine to have (you may already have this routine!) Have a look at Josh Gad on Twitter, who voiced Olaf in Frozen. He is reading bedtime stories each evening using his excellent skills as a voice actor. 

Keeping them active: Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is running virtual PE classes every morning at 9am. You can find them on Youtube, just search TheBodyCoachTV. Additionally you may want to try these activities suggested by occupational therapist to keep your child active 

 South Glos Parents and Carers have a full page of resources/ websites. Have a look! South Glos Parents and Carers resources for SEND children